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Re: [xml-dev] Generating reports for XML-based tables

Jonathan Robie wrote:
> >3) Put the data into another relational database and forget about XML
> >altogether.
> >
> >Personally, I think (3) is the best option.
> Please compare the queries in the XQuery document to the equivalents in SQL
> before you conclude that ;->

Actually, this conclusion isn't based on the question of which query
language is better or easier to use. It's based on what the simplest and
cheapest solution is. The original problem was how to keep functioning
data and reports alive when the underlying database went away.

Solution (3) could mean as little work as downloading MySQL (free),
writing a simple ODBC application to transfer the data, and testing. In
reality, it probably won't be that easy, but it probably will be easier
than learning a new query language and database, rewriting all the
queries, and finding the money to pay for a new database that obviously
isn't in great demand.

-- Ron