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[xml-dev] Notation processors

Ascending to XML

There are a lot of binary languages out there. I wonder, how can one 
translate these into XML languages in the easiest possible way, without 
having to program a module to perform the translation every time a new 
binary language appears. The solution I think, is to build something similar 
to an XSLT processor. Something which uses a translation specification for 
each binary language.

I read that in the SGML world there is the concept of a Groove and a 
Notation Processor, that is, a processors capable of creating SGML 
representations of binary and other formats; or that's my understanding. 
However this would seem not to include a generic system for specifying 
binary formats. Is this true -- or has this wheel been invented? Of course 
there's a limit to what such a translation system could do but I think it 
could probably be used for quite a lot of formats without too many 
extensions for special cases.

Bent R.

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