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Re: [xml-dev] ANNOUNCE: Xybrix 0.1 released

At 11:28 AM 10/22/2001 +0100, Mike Moran wrote:
>Jim Wissner wrote:
>>Xybrix is an XML application framework in written in Java.  It includes a 
>>Swing-based implementation of xforms (variation of the w3c xforms)
>[ ... ]
>This does indeed look very interesting. However, about w3c xforms: is 
>there anything in w3c xforms that would make it unlikely you would 
>implement it? If I were to use this framework, I'd be concerned about 
>interoperability of the base xforms I create with other packages.

Well the main things keeping me from doing it right now are time, and that 
I'm self-funded, so I have to carefully prioritize what I work on (not that 
we all don't need to do that anyway!).  Like I said, the fact that it's not 
w3c-xforms compliant has more to do with the fact that this pre-dates w3c 
xforms.  Once w3c xforms was out I matched my markup to theirs where I 
could, but that of course is an easy change.

But if there is interest and it would have a big impact on whether or not 
people would use it, and if anyone thought the toolkit had enough value for 
it to be worth it, then I would consider implementing more of the w3c 
xforms.  The question is, given the size and scope of w3c xforms, how to 
prioritize which parts of the spec should be done first.


Thanks for the feedback, I definitely appreciate it.