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Re: [xml-dev] Microsoft's deeply cynical appeal to"standards compliance"

* Benjamin Franz wrote:
>In an argument between Content-Type: (a HTTP protocal layer declaration)
>and DOCTYPE (an explicit declaration _within_ the document as to what it
>is that exists even when a document is NOT being delivered via the web),
>DOCTYPE wins.

MIME Type wins for parsing, that's what the HTML WG wants.

>XHTML works fine in practice. I have used it routinely for well over a
>year (I even have an 'XHTML compatibility' guidelines page posted on my
>company intranet for it). XHTML aware browsers 'get it' automatically,
>HTML browsers are (with vanishingly few exceptions) NOT SGML parsers and
>so 'get it' as well.

Some of them do, but beeing no SGML parsers makes them non-compliant.
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