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expectations (was Re: [xml-dev] Microsoft's deeply cynical appealto"standards comp liance")

On Fri, 2001-10-26 at 07:53, Eric Bohlman wrote:
> Actually, the attitude that it's better to lock a viewer out than to let him see one's work in less 
> than its (perceived) full glory is fairly endemic among Web dee-ziners in places other than 
> Microsoft; I suspect it reflects a late-teen/early-twentysomething world view more than anything 
> else.

Heh.  In my experience it was the 40- or 50-something middle managers
and graphic designers who insisted on everything looking 100% or 0%.  

I always assumed it was because they were used to working with paper and
couldn't get over it.

Twenty-somethings were a hell of a lot more flexible.  Still seem to be,
even as I pass into my decrepit 30s.

Simon St.Laurent
"Every day, in every way, I'm getting better and better." - Emile Coue