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Re: [Moderator Action] Re: [xml-dev] IDs without DTD/Schema ,Is there a way ?

At 2:59 PM +0000 10/29/01, Henry S. Thompson wrote:

>XPointer already has a provision for short forms (i.e. ...#xyzzy).
>I guess it depends on how you see the fix being expressed:  is it a
>fix to XML 1.0 plus Namespaces that some formulation determines the
>type of some attribute as ID?  Or is it that #xyzzy points to IDs _or_ 
>values of attributes picked out by some formulation?
>If the former, then XPointer doesn't need to change.
>If the latter, then it does.

I was proposing the latter.

>Independently of the impact on XPointer, if we're doing this at all I
>_much_ prefer the former -- I want these things to really _be_ of type 
>ID, not some partial simulacrum thereof.

Unfortunately we can't make them really of type ID sans-DTD unless we change XML 1.0. It's a little late to do that. It would be much easier to change XPointer at this moment in time. 

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