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[xml-dev] HTML Include in XSL document

Perhaps someone can help:


I’m using XML / XSL to recreate a web site of static html pages.  The current html pages reference an includes file:  <!--#include virtual="/includes/leftmenu.html" --> which I am trying to plug into the XSL file (not the XML) to generate to the new pages.


When I generate the pages the XSL Transformation changes the “<” and “>” to “&lt” and “&gt”.  My resulting includes statement now looks like this:  &lt;!--#include virtual="/includes/header.html" --&gt;  Which outputs the text <!--#include virtual="/includes/leftmenu.html" --> in my browser rather than calling the include statement.  Apparently to call an include you MUST have the < and > and not the entity references.  


Can someone advise me how I can force <!--#include virtual="/includes/leftmenu.html" --> to convert to html rather than &lt;!--#include virtual="/includes/header.html" --&gt.




Brian Magick