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Re: [xml-dev] normalizing schemas

In a message dated 05/11/01 13:42:52 GMT Standard Time, xml-dj@gmx.de writes:

I have to normalize a schema with xslt for an application.
With "normalizing" I mean to flatten the schema-structure, e.g. to dissolve all references and insert it at the referenced place...
I am searching for a specification how to normalize a schema, but I have not found anything up to now. Maybe someone knows where to find the spec or maybe someone has/had the same thing to do?


Do you need to / plan to convert all named complex type and simple type definitions into anonymous complex and simple types too?

Are we talking about XSD Schema (W3C "XML Schema")? Or something else? What is the limiting factor that demands a "normalized" schema? A fully fledged XSD Schema processor should be able to handle any of the legal structures.

Andrew Watt