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Re: [xml-dev] Notations and unparsed entities in the wild

> Does anyon know of an XML document and/or application that actually
> makes uses of notations and/or unparsed entities? If such documents were
> avaialble on a web server, so much the better.
> For the next chapter of Processing XMl with Java, I need to find some
> examples of real-world documents that use notations and unparsed
> entities. So far, the best I've come up with is that the XHTML DTD
> defines a bunch of notations, but XHTML doesn't appear to actually use
> any in XHTML documents. That is, the XHTML DTD does not declare any
> attributes to have type NOTATION, ENTITY, or ENTITIES.

More people would use them if the NOTATION public and system ids were
available from XSLT.  As it is only unparsed-entity-uri is available.

-Peter S. Housel-   housel@acm.org   http://members.home.com/housel/