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Re: [xml-dev] Notations and unparsed entities in the wild

At 6:41 PM +0000 11/6/01, David Carlisle wrote:

>I just fired up google to see if I could find an example of these being
>used and the first page I looked at turned out to be written by you!

That's embarrassing, but it does seem that Docbook XML 4.1.2 does use 
notations for two purposes:

1. To identify preformatted elements in which white space should be 
preserved using the linespecific notation

2. To identify the targets of olink elements

As near as I can tell it does not use notations to identify the types 
of graphic elements such as imagedata. Although these elements have 
format attributes, those attributes have an enumerated type, not a 

Docbook does not appear to use unparsed entities.

>TEI, there's
>http://www.tei-c.org/TEI/Guidelines/ref/WSDXFIG.htm (that's the sgml
>version, but I think the xml one's the same, couldn't see a link off

That does seem to use both unparsed entities and notations.

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