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SV: [xml-dev] Caught napping!

Hi Sean

> All we know for sure is that RDB does not solve
> the problem. All the word docs and faxes and scribbled
> marginalia in all the filing cabinets in all the world
> attest to that fact.

I think that this could look like "dont bring a knife to a gun fight"

I see that knowledge management is handled in a KM

No database itself will handle the KM scenario. The customer must have a
solution build on top of some kind of storage.

We need to agree upon whether we're talking business needs and
Applications/Solutions, or XML theories.

Many companies are handling all there documents, faxes etc. with no
problem, using a KM Application/Solution, and _they do not know_ which
DB lies below it. 

Probably they have just written in the "call for bids": "the solution
must support our strategic RDBMS platform, which is Oracle/MS SQL/DB2

When I work at DDE, we never brought up the technology issue, we just
delivered a solution, fitting the customers needs. So we delivered on
Oracle when the customer wanted that, on MS SQL server when the customer
wanted that one.

Dont mix "Solution Selling" and "Product Positioning", please.

Best regards