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XML and "Who's on first?"

I certainly don't want to diminish anyone's work
productivity, but see the IPTC's new SportsML DTDs:

"Draft XML DTDs for Sports Markup Language (SportsML)"

Web site:

Sample decl:

<!ELEMENT action-baseball-substitution EMPTY>
<!ATTLIST action-baseball-substitution
  person-type (                   player
                                  | auxilliary
                                  | official
                                  )      #IMPLIED
  person-original-idref           IDREF  #IMPLIED
  person-original-position        CDATA  #IMPLIED
  person-original-lineup-slot     CDATA  #IMPLIED
  person-replacing-idref          IDREF  #IMPLIED
  person-replacing-position       CDATA  #IMPLIED
  person-replacing-lineup-slot    CDATA  #IMPLIED
  substitution-reason             CDATA  #IMPLIED
  comment                         CDATA  #IMPLIED

Best wishes,

Robin Cover
HTML-ized news channel: http://xml.coverpages.org/covernewsTOP.html