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RE: [xml-dev] Caught napping!


> ... Mainly, we try to determine where they 
> add the extensions and that is a little hairy.
> In a nutshell, we evolve relational dbs everyday 
> with every release.

But that doesn't sound easy, and the problems of
inter-relating different schema will get more and more
difficult with each release, no?

At what point will the problems become too complex for
us to deal with?

> The Internet Society is sort of like 
> Santa's workshop:  just another fanciful reason 
> for parents to buy new toys and fool the kids.

The internet is something potentially very useful in
our everyday lives, especially if the Semantic Web
ever gets up and running. There will always be room
for people to sells toys (we all like some light
amusement) but it also has a serious side also - a
potential to increase shared knowledge &

As developers, do we not need to consider it a
responsibility to give something genuinely of
long-term benefit also, rather than just debase the
medium we profit from?


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