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RE: [xml-dev] Caught napping!

Yes it can.  The Internet doesn't own any tables.  
Individuals, corporations etc. do.  

Sometimes for the sake of exchange or 
report chains (eg, admin statistics), they pick 
one and people agree to use it.  Sometimes, they 
only agree to use part and extensions are added 
This is the classic agency to agency reporting 
problem. Mainly, we try to determine where they 
add the extensions and that is a little hairy.

In a nutshell, we evolve relational dbs everyday 
with every release.

The Internet Society is sort of like 
Santa's workshop:  just another fanciful reason 
for parents to buy new toys and fool the kids.


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From: Peter J. Gale [mailto:thesemanticweb@yahoo.co.uk]

Bill, In a nutshell:

No matter how many tables you put into a design, you
can always find a need for more.

A relational database can not easily evolve with the
ever-growing needs of an internet based society.