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Re: [xml-dev] So maybe ID isn't a problem after all.

> I'd like to use getElementById() in well-formed XML, or when processing
> instances of a DTD I don't control but for which I "know" that a certain
> attribute has unique values.  If I could easily slip in an id-ness
> declaration out of band somehow, the DOM implementation will do a fair
> amount of work for me that is tedious to do by hand. I'm not a heavy user
> XSLT, but I suspect that a similar use case exists for the id() function.

In both cases a tiny internal subset solves the problem, eh? Oh -- out of
band -- I'm not sure how to do that for something that is _only_ well formed
as 'out of band' implies some type of schema or whatever that tells us what
the id is. For DTDs however a tiny driver DTD can be used to add IDs, but
you know this, so what am I missing?