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Re: [xml-dev] So maybe ID isn't a problem after all.

>[Tim Bray]
>It seems to me that the *right* solution is that any
>interface to an XPointer/XPath implementation needs to have
>an argument whereby you pass in internal knowledge of what,
>in the target document, the ID attributes are.  Because
>(a you'll typically have such knowledge, and
>(b) such an override/input could be damn useful in lots of
>     application scenarios anyhow.

The implementation of XML hypertext in Opera 5 via CSS2
takes this approach. For example.

I have XML containing:
         <xref href="some URI>See here</xref>

The relevant part of the CSS2 stylesheet looks like this:

xref {

The downside is that CSS2 drives right up against the vertical
wall of expressive power very quickly. <sigh/>.

How long will it take the W3C to stick a REC on Python and just
be done with it :-)