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Re: [xml-dev] IDs considered harmful or why keys might bebetterthanIDs...

> The case against internal subsets is compelling IMHO. They don't round
> trip. 

... through some tools.  Which seems substantially to be an issue with
those tools than with internal subsets.  A fully featured SAX2 parser
can round trip internal subset data (not literal text, since whitespace is
discarded) ... ergo so can the tools using one.

Though I have lots of sympathy for:

> "(iii) It doesn't work with streaming output. This is in my view the most 
> important technical problem"

That is, the "declare in a header section before everything else" model
means that _pure_ streaming, without buffering (potentially lots :) is
problematic.  Mike Kay pointed out the XSLT and Infoset issues.

The "xml:idatts" and "xml:id" solutions work with streaming output.

- Dave