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Re: [xml-dev] Interoperability [long]

Thanks for the replies Tim. Some quick notes:

> >I must add the attribute to *every* instance of the table in my documents.
> >Then my authors complain saying "what the f&*k is this polluting
> >my table markup".
>Wouldn't it be OK to add this on the way out to the browser,
>so the authors don't have to see it?

That would work but gets me involved in run-time XML transformations
at functional boundaries such as document check-in, check-out
and browse. I think this approach has a lot of merit in fact but the
plumbing is not there yet to support it. I hope to contribute some
ideas on this (and also round-tripping issues) in the near

> >6) Character encodings
> >
> >I want to ensure that my documents do not use characters
> >outside the ISO-8859-1 range. But I don't want to
> >use an iso-8859-1 encoding declaration because parsers
> >are not required to support it.
>Every parser I've ever seen supports 8859-1.  Is there a
>single counterexample?

Not that I know of but I cannot, hand on heart, use it in
systems where I stake my reputation on their XML compliance
because it is a de facto rather de jure thing.

>  But <snicker> that doesn't help you
>though, because I can always put &#x20ac; (Euro) in my 8859-1
>text.  BTW Sean, how do you do Euros?

Opera 5 doesn't do Unicode but this gets me a Euro sign
for my current setup:

euro:before { content: "\80" }

Opera 6 has just been announced and apparently
does Unicode so hopefully this hack can hit
the showers.

I hope this hasen't come across as a tirade against Opera. I'm using
Opera because it is so much better than the other alternatives
I have tried. It still has some way to go but I think it is a way
cool browser and as a spiffy browser for XML it could well
find itself a niche in the browser wars - especially on non-PC
devices like WebTVs, cell phones etc.