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Re: [xml-dev] SaxXPathFragmentFilter - Reduse large DOM trees using aSAX XPath cutter!

----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Niels Peter Strandberg" <nielspeter@npstrandberg.com>

> You are right that it is not XPath, but more a type of a location path. 
> But many developers is familiar with XPath, and XPath is in it simplest 
> form a location path.  Lets say that you have a XML document, and you 
> know what parts you want to cut, then a XPath like syntax is the most 
> simple to use, because you might already know basic XPath.

I think that then you 'should' call it LPath and together with 
CPath [1] and XPath++ and maybe some pointer from 
Machael Kay ( I think I remember that at early stages of SAXON, 
Michael had imlemented the streaming subset of XPath ) + god know 
what else -

all that would make a nice XPath 'cluster'

That was my point. If that XML Encyclopedia would be 
blessed by W3C, we just submit our urls to the knowledge 
base - and those who may think about re-inventing this wheel 
again may decide not to invent it at all ;-)


[1] http://www.pault.com/pault/pxml/cpath.html