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   RE: RE: RE: [xml-dev] Great piece on RSS

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See Chanute, Lilienthal.  Hang gliders are the original form.
The engines of the day couldn't deliver the horsepower 
to overcome the weight.  That was an essential contribution 
of the Wright's.  They squeezed the design until they 
got one that worked inside the weight regime, and even 
then, they aimed it into the wind for that extra lift 
and did not take off halfway down the field.  They 
did not build worse:  they tested, reformulated, and 
even designed the first wind tunnels.  Most of the 
folks who tried it the other way ended up dead in a 
mass of piano wire and silk.  The Wright discovery 
of wing warping made controlled turns doable.  Curtis 
had to steal from them to get that working and even 
then, he couldn't beat them in a race because he 
didn't understand the lift principles the Wright's 
had discovered working in their wind tunnel.  

Research, directed evolution, and well-documented 
tests with verifiable results:  slow but that is 
the way aircraft are designed.   Shirky can go 
fly a kite.

Scalar or vector, I need the assertions of the 
vendor, not the opinions of its competitors. I 
can discover a business with Google and then go 
to its web page.  That much Google has. 
Still, I'm not a believer in software that
automatically hooks up.  I am a believer that 
given a contract, I can get services on a menu 
and drag and drop them onto a form, but before 
I will do that, I will have it in writing somewhere 
that the software does what is advertised or 
otherwise, remediation is available.  I can't 
get that from Google.  I can get

"Sorry, I can't swallow statements that put "MS" and "reliability"
in the same vicinity, not even from self-proclaimed Thralls."

but I can't use that for more than heresay.

If Google used RFPs as source, MS still wins by virtue 
of the number of times it is cited in procurements. 

Maybe what Google has to have is a means of credentialling 
based on the document type that is the citation source.
The IETMers are still avoiding IE as a common delivery platform 
because they can't vette the code.  So if I have 
to check those documents, Google would return 
that for that problem, there is no commercial solution.


-----Original Message-----
From: John Cowan [mailto:jcowan@reutershealth.com]

"Bullard, Claude L (Len)" scripsit:

> Do we want Google to "evolve" into a business 
> registry where the opinions of the competitors 
> determine the ranking instead of the registered 
> assertions of the vendor so registered?

Google counts the scalar number of opinions, not the vector sum of their

> I believe hang gliders can evolve into airplanes 
> as long as their is **some form of memory** involved. 

Didn't airplanes, on the contrary, evolve into hang gliders?  It seems
clear that lungs evolved into fish swim-bladders, not vice versa: the
common ancestor had lungs, and swim bladders evolved two separate times.
The alternative, that swim bladders are ancestral and lungs evolved four
separate times, is far more unpalatable.

> Memory of results is key.  If you don't have a 
> benevolent dictator, you need documentation. 

http://nuzban.wiw.org/wiki/index.php?Elephant which will be next year's project.

> A successful design organization that can effectively 
> turn complex designs into reliable systems focuses 
> on team building as the first job of management.  MS 
> beats their competitors every time that way.   

Sorry, I can't swallow statements that put "MS" and "reliability"
in the same vicinity, not even from self-proclaimed Thralls.


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