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   RE: [xml-dev] IBM's idea off an XML expert

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XML Certification Questions

1.  DTD stands for:

a.  Document Type Definition
b.  Document Type Declaration
c.  Deeply Troubled Datatype
d.  I don't know.  Is it important?

2.  Ents are:

a.  A means to declare a macro string substitution.
b.  A means to declare a character substitution.
c.  A group of gnarly trees hurling rocks at MIT.
d.  I don't know.  Is it important?

3.  XML stands for:

a.  Extensible Markup Language
b.  eXtensible Markup Language
c.  eXtra Mild Lozenges
d.  I don't know.  Is it important?

4.  XML was invented by:

a.  Tim Bray and Jon Bozak
b.  The W3C and Microsoft
c.  The Fuggs ("Roll on, River of...")
d.  I know.  It isn't important.

5.  Minimization is:

a.  SGML's means to skip begin or 
    end tags.
b.  A feature of SGML not available 
    to XML designers.
c.  How the importance of SGML was 
    presented to the Web.
d.  I don't know.   Is it important?

6.  SGML is:

a.  Standard Generalized Markup Language
b.  The parent language of XML.
c.  An inconvenient standard which makes 
    it difficult to maintain the myths of 
    the history of XML.
d.  No one cares.  It isn't important.

7.  If a document is well-formed but not valid, 
    which of the following statements is false:

a.  <a href=http://www.mysite.com >
b.  No schema or DTD is needed.
c.  The schema or DTD provided has errors.
d.  I know what is important.

8.  Namespaces are a means to:

a.  Disambiguate names in well-formed XML.
b.  Find a schema to which well-formed XML conforms.
c.  Make it really really hard to write XSLT.
d.  No one knows.  Is it important?

9.  How does XML differ from CSV?

a.  Both names and structure can be applied
b.  Verboseness is of limited importance.
c.  CSV doesn't have an industry of professional 
    conference sponsors.
d.  What is CSV?  Is it important?

10. Is XML important to the future of this company?

a.  Yes. It sells software.
b.  No.  It stops the sale of software.
c.  Does this company have a future?
d.  I don't care.  I have this certification.

Answers. 1. D 2. D 3. D 4. D 5. D 6. D
7. D 8. D. 9. D  10. D

A score of five correct answers is sufficient 
to attain certification.  Four correct is 
sufficient to manage an XML project.  Fewer 
than three entitles you to chair a W3C WG. 
A score of zero means you are qualified to 
answer questions on XML-Dev.



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