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   Re: [xml-dev] incompatible uses of XML Schema

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While the Schema piece is the exact piece that is missing from this,
the AspectXML stylesheets I created a year ago do act quite well in
implementing a refactoring system that utlizes any combination of two
or three mapping definition files with an instance file that is then
processed, weaving together the proper output for each instance file
using an Aspect-Oriented way of adjusting things before, after, and
over each matching element or set of elements.

To be honest the XSLT I wrote for this was designed as proof of
concept and was never really intended to be much else.  Apparently the
folks at AOSD.net felt otherwise as they continue to list this code in
their "Tools for Practitioners"
section which is defined as "The following tools are actively
supported and are being used in a variety of commercial projects."
Being the author of these stylesheets I will admit that this did scare
me a bit to see this as when they were written I knew diddly-squat
about AOSD and as such just kind of wrote things by instinct, hoping
that this would at least be enough to get us a working sample.  I
guess it was :)

You can download the files at http://www.aspectxml.org

I should note that the "advanced" version of the stylesheets were
written first, calling them advance because it was designed to handle
an extended amount of mapping files, I believe 3 compared to "basic"s
2.  However, when I wrote the basic stylesheets I had a much better
feel for things and corrected a lot of what I had reazlized (although
I havent looked at these since a day or two after I wrote them) quite
sure to be incorrect in how I went about things. So you may want to
just start with the basic although referencing the advanced may not
hurt from the standoint of looking at an example of using an extended
number of mapping files to bring extended capability that can  not be
done with one two mapping files to compare against.

This project has been of those things that Russ Miles and I have been
meaning to get back to and pull in all the schema support but time has
just not been there.  Still, its something we want to do and if theres
enough interest maybe we can get it done even faster if a few of us
pull together a day and extreme it out the door...  Let me know if any
of you would like to help with this as I think it could be quite
useful to a lot of us if properly finished.  Oh, and speaking of
Russ... He just finished the first version of AUnit, something he has
been working on for his Masters Thesis at Oxford over the last year. 
I havent had  a chance to access and play with it but with a lot of
push toward AOSD from some big players you may want to bookmark the
site and keeps tabs on it as he continues to push toward a 1.0 release
over the next little while:


Cheers :)


On 4/21/05, Micah Dubinko <micah@dubinko.info> wrote:
> I hope this doesn't come across as flippant, but how about Relax NG?
> Or how about trang converting to Relax NG and back to XSD?
> .micah
> Rick Jelliffe wrote:
> >I just got a call from a bespoke client (the XML guru in a large bank)
> >asking whether I knew of any XML Schema refactoring tools.
> >
> >His problem is that one of their systems (from a big company)
> >does not handle recursive elements.  Another one of their
> >systems (from another big company) does not handle substitution
> >groups (or, at least, dynamic use of xsi:type.) Another of their
> >systems (from a third big company) does not handle wildcards.
> >(Some departments also used another tool that generated ambiguous
> >schemas.)
> >
> >This is causing them a major headache: they are having to
> >refactor 7,000 element schemas by hand to munge them into
> >forms suited for each system.
> >
> >Their schema-centricism has basically stuffed up the ready
> >interoperability they thought they were buying into with XML,
> >on a practical level. This is obviously a trap: moving to a
> >services-oriented architecture means that the providers can
> >say "we provide XML with a schema" and the pointy-headed bosses
> >can say "you service-user: this tool accepts XML with a schema
> >so you must use that!" and the service-user has little recourse.
> >
> >Does anyone know of any XML Schema refactoring tools that can,
> >say, replace substitution groups with explicit lists of
> >elements in a schema?  I am half thinking of developing a Topologi
> >utility for this: any other requests in this area?
> >
> >Cheers
> >Rick Jelliffe
> >
> >
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