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RE: A Light Rant On Ontological Commitment

> That is why Tit-for-tat strategies have been 
> exhaustively studied.  Simple strategies typically 
> produced the highest survivor rates in simulations 
> of negotiations where the Prisoner's Dilemma is 
> assumed as the environmental constraint.  The author 
> of your cited article alludes to this by the constraint 
> "Treat this message as you do all messages of this 
> type unless there is a demonstrable reason not to 
> do so."   Humans do this when an RFI or RFQ comes 
> in.  If we cannot understand it, we invoke a process 
> to consider if it is worth considering.  Making a 
> machine do this is what the machine language must 
> enable and why the author of the article is investigating 
> the design of such languages.

Today must be citation day :) Rosenschein and Zlotkin's book, "Rules of
Encounter" is good stuff and all about applying game theoretics to machine


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