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Approach to XHTML M12N in XML Schemas (was Re: Resource DirectoryDescription Language (RDDL))

From: Jonathan Borden <jborden@mediaone.net>

> Presumably an XHTML XSD won't have these issues, and <plead>perhaps if a
> draft XHTML XSD were available we could add it to RDDL's own directory
> </plead> ... the one I created was exported from XML Authority which just
> can't handle the namespaceing mechanisms nor prefixed elements... sigh.

This is not really what Jonathan is requesting, but it is related.

I didn't really want to release this publically (because I think my use of
<redefine> for events attributes is a stretch against wording of the
Candidate Release and so probably won't be supported by recent generation
tools, because I wanted to get another round of comments, and because the
notes are a little candid or may suggest the WG is considering things it is
not considering} but you can find an exploratory note giving a possible
approach to XHTML Modularization using XML  Schemas  at

It is only one possible approach, and it has not been approved by the Schema
WG, and the WG may decide to go another way (or even decide that simulating
the XHTML M12N approach is not a requirement for XML Schemas 1.0).    But
XML-DEVers may find it interesting.

The version in the paper is not complete.  If anyone wants to work up
optional modules following this approach, please feel free to send them to
me :-)

Rick Jelliffe
(If someone wants to cross-post this to the XHTML-L please feel free.)