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Re: Approach to XHTML M12N in XML Schemas (was Re: ResourceDirectoryDescription Language (RDDL))

Rick Jelliffe wrote:
> From: Jonathan Borden <jborden@mediaone.net>
> > Presumably an XHTML XSD won't have these issues, and <plead>perhaps if a
> > draft XHTML XSD were available we could add it to RDDL's own directory
> > </plead> ... the one I created was exported from XML Authority which
> > can't handle the namespaceing mechanisms nor prefixed elements... sigh.
> This is not really what Jonathan is requesting, but it is related.
> ...a possible
> approach to XHTML Modularization using XML  Schemas  at
> http://www.ascc.net/~ricko/xhtml.html

    That's a terrific analysis and IMHO should be required reading for
anyone interested in the pros and cons of using DTDs vs XSD in fairly
complex situations. ... of course what I really wanted for you to complete
this as a working XHTML XSD :-)