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Schemas and entities (was "And the DTD says, "I'm NOT dead yet!!")

Norman Walsh wrote:

> XML Schemas provide no mechanism for declaring general entities. (This
> isn't an oversight on the part of the XML Schema WG, it's a consequence
> of how schema validation is defined. Briefly, schema validation is performed
> on the information set constructed by parsing the document. But the parser
> needs to know about entity declarations *while it's parsing* so schema's
> just occur "too late" in the process to practically declare entities.)

This implies that if I need to use general entities, I have to preprocess my
document against a DTD - is that correct? I was unaware that schema processing
took place at a different point than DTD processing - does this impact on
anything else? Sorry if this has been covered - I was reclining, secure in the
misconception that aside from the obvious benefits of schemas, the two were
roughly equivalent.


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