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Re: URIs, names and well known RDDL names, was: Re: Quick edit

"Jonathan Borden" <jborden@mediaone.net> writes:

> Henry writes

> > "Jonathan Borden" <jborden@mediaone.net> writes:

> > > I also agree with Jason's analysis. Practically since RDDL was
> > > conceived, I've been going back and forth on what should an
> > > arcrole vs. role be w.r.t RDDL. Indeed one morning while driving
> > > to work, I suddenly became conviced that we'd got it all wrong,
> > > and confused an arcrole for a role. At the end of the day I'd
> > > conviced myself that arcrole was fine and that was that...

> > But you go on to contradict what Jason, Tim and I are all saying!  See
> > below.
> >
> > > This is how I see it:
> > >
> > > Software will use xlink:arcrole is to dispatch on a resource for a given
> > > URI.
> Let me add one point to this. Personally I agree (strongly I might add) with
> your views on types and documents and if namespace URIs were used in a
> consistent fashion then this would clearly be the way to go. No question.
> The problem is that even among W3C RECs there fundamentally different uses
> of namespace URIs vs. DOCTYPES and the best example of this is XHTML. Of
> course this raises the old one vs. three namespace debate and I just want to
> avoid this debate here, that's all. I *do* want to use xlink:role to
> dispatch on type, its just that I don't want to loudly proclaim that type
> based dispatching is the primary way to dispatch.  That's why I think the
> best way to explain this is that we dispatch on the name of the link.
> Perhaps we can define xlink:role implicitly as the root namespace URI if
> otherwise not specified.

This all sounds roughly right.  More on other threads.

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