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Re: Turning off validation (was Re: Schemas and entities)

Simon St.Laurent wrote:

>>Arghh.  Must be Friday.  You're right, I'm wrong.  Most validating
>>parsers actually recover from no declaration for the root element by
>>turning off validation, but that's a contingent, not a necessary,
>Really?  This I've never heard before, and I like to keep up with these
>kinds of wacky false-positive issues.
>MSXML behaves like this if there's no DTD, but I thought they were the only
>ones.  Anyone have a list?

It depends what you mean by "turning off validation".  If it means not
reporting any error at all, that seems wrong.

In the absence of a DTD, rxp -V reports

  Warning: Document has no DTD, validating abandoned

and (after proceeding in non-validating mode) returns a status
indicating that the document is invalid.  It seems utterly pointless
to report that each and every element and attribute is undeclared.

-- Richard