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Re: Lawyers. Re: XPointer and Sun patent

> On Thu, 11 Jan 2001, Paul Tchistopolskii wrote:
> > Good lawyers are writing complex documents. The 
> > goal of lawyer is to write down simple constructions
> > in complex form to make it hard for  other people to
> > understand those constructions.
> Actually not.  Documents that are hard to understand lead to
> lawsuits, and the aim of people who hire lawyers is to avoid
> lawsuits, not to encourage them.

Each and every NDA I have seen in the US is written in 
the special way so that the person who signs the NDA 
usually does not understand what is she actually signing.

Same goes with almost any document I've seen in the US.
Well, even to enter the territory of some big software company,
you should sign the document which is in fact saying : 
"Oh, good, because you've entered the office space 
of our company, we now can make you some trouble".

Of course, this statement is composed in the way that 
most of people sign it not even thinking *what* they are 
in fact signing.

Lawyers *should* write complex and complicated 
documents on purpose. It is their *job* to write 
( and read ) such a documents.

> But lawyers have to write their code using natural language instead
> of formal language.

You call the language used for licenses and other stuff 'natural' ?
Are you a lawyer ?