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ANNOUNCE: XML Spy 3.5 Beta 4 available for download

We are pleased to be able to announce the next step of the beta testing
phase for the upcoming XML Spy 3.5 version and would like to invite you to
participate in this effort.

Version 3.5 Beta 4 is the last public beta release for our upcoming XML Spy
3.5 product and includes several new features. Specifically this beta
release contains:

    + validation of XML Schemas with integrated error highlighting directly
within the Schema design view
    + improved validation of XML instance documents based on XML Schemas
(consumes less memory and is much faster)
    + access and manipulate files in any respository that is accessible
through an ftp:, http:, or https: URL
    + browse and manipulate folders directly from the Open/Save URL dialog
on any FTP or WebDAV server
    + full support for xsi:type
    + full support for xsd:list
    + full support for whiteSpace facet
    + full support for Unicode character classes and groups in regular
expressions (XML Schema pattern facets)
    + new online help with lots of improvements in the existing chapters and
new coverage of XML Schema design
    + support for XML Spy add-ins through the component download area
    + improved support for Microsoft Source-Safe (and compatible
    + improved COM-based API (more functionality) and
    + lots of bug-fixes in the XML Schema design view and the XML Schema
aware validator

In addition, the following features were already introduced in XML Spy 3.5
Betas 1, 2, and 3:

    + generation of complete XML Schema documentation in HTML and Word
    + printing from the XML Schema design view
    + support for the latest XML Schema Candidate Recommendation released by
the W3C on 10/24/2000
    + a graphical schema design view for editing XML Schemas with
unprecedented ease-of-use
    + the ability to automatically convert schemas from the April 7 working
draft to Oct 24 CR
    + the ability to access files from a URL (http: or ftp:) using a
user-name and password
    + support for Microsoft Source-Safe repository (integrated within XML
Spy project view)
    + a new COM-based API for integrating XML Spy into custom solutions
(Visual Basic sample included)
    + new Scripting Environment and Form editor for creating custom XML
    + a totally rewritten version of the network license metering module

We continue to see a huge interest in our beta versions and are therefore
providing this download on a dedicated server hosted with a high-speed ISP.
Nevertheless, if you are still experiencing problems with downloading this
beta, we have to ask you for a little patience. Please try again after a few
hours or at night-time, when there are not as many users accessing the

Please use this URL to download XML Spy 3.5 Beta 4 (file size is 8.7 MB):


We are now also offering a quick introduction to the new XML Schema Design
View online. If you are interested in working with XML Schema, please visit
this URL, which explains the new XML Schema related features in detail:


Please note, that XML Spy 3.5 will be available later this month (January
2001) for a retail price of US$ 199.00 per user with volume discounts
offered to site licenses purchasers. Existing customers of the XML Spy 3.0
Premium product will be able to upgrade to XML Spy 3.5 for FREE, so now is
the best time to purchase XML Spy and save big - please go directly to our
online shop to order XML Spy 3.0 now:


Thank you for your interest in our product and for participating in our beta


XML Spy Team