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RE: How could RDDL be distributed ?

Michael Mealling wrote,
> Miles Sabin wrote,
> > To do the job you'd need some mechanism for ensuring that all
> > the DTDs were cached locally before pulling out the wire. 
> > It'd be nice if that local caching mechanism got along well 
> > with a mechanism for connected distribution and replication.
> That's one way but I don't think it solves the whole of the 
> problem. Your still associated resources that are what I call 
> authoritative. I think you want a solution that allows you to 
> associate locally scoped resources as well.

Actually I think it's simply two different problems which might
have related solutions,

1. Allow for local overriding of authoritative resources.

2. Allow for distribution and replication of authoritative

(2) is the problem I'm worrying about ... my starting point
being a worry about the hosts for popular DTDs/Schemas becoming
a single point of failure.

Interestingly the two problems are dissimilar in a very
important way. (1) explictly wants to allow for substitution/
overriding (that's it's whole point). (2), OTOH, almost certainly 
wants to verifiably forbid substitution/overriding (or at least 
make any such modification visible to ultimate recipients). That
seems to imply a need for signatures to be accomodated by any
such protocol.



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