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RE: DTD to W3C schema file?

If you're lucky it might still be there (Dec 1999 schemas recent enough?)


Data Descriptor by Example (DDbE) is a Java component library which
constructs a data descriptor, e.g. a DTD, from a set of well-formed XML
documents. The resulting descriptor can be used to validate the original
input documents or any other documents which follow the syntactic rules
inferred from the original examples. In addition to generating DTDs as
output, DDbE can also produce XML Schemas which are compliant with the
December 1999 XML Schema WD. The DDbE distribution also contains a command
line application, DTD2Schema which translates arbitrary DTDs to XML Schemas.


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Giota Karadimitriou [mailto:karadim@iti.gr]
> Sent: 15 January 2001 21:40
> To: xml-dev@lists.xml.org
> Subject: DTD to W3C schema file?
> Hello,
> does anybody know of a java open source tool that can transform a dtd
> file to a recent W3C schema file (xsd)?
> I have found dtd2schema.pl but I want a java application not a
> perl script.
> Thank you.
> Giota