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RE: Excel to XML

> 2) save the spreadsheet as a comma- or tab-delimited file, then
> write a simple
> script to convert it.  This is not hard.  Suitable languages are
> Python, Perl,
> and Awk.
> The above assumes that you want to convert one particular
> spreadsheet layout.
> A general approach would take more work, but probably not much.

Another suitable language is Java. I've put a simple, lightweight (doesn't
use SAX/DOM), moderately customisable tool "CSVToXML" at www.isacat.net

If the server's playing up (again) it's also at sourceforge in the Java
'snippets' section (I think that's what they call it).

Another alternative is to use Excel's "save as web page" (97 onwards?), use
an industrial cleaner to tidy it up, and then a HTML -> XHTML tool.