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Re: Mapping a UML model to a DTD or Schema

> Maybe is a naive question but I'd like to know if there are standard
> approaches to map a UML class diagram to a DTD or Schema.

www.ddj.com/topics/xml has links to the XMI spec and the UML to XML Schema
Mapping Specification. The latter is currently broken but you can use the
one below.It discusses SOX, but it's relevant for W3C Schema:

There's also a white paper about migrating from DTD to Schema using UML:

Terry Halpin, Linda Bird, and Andrew Goodchild presented a paper at ER2000
about conceptual modeling and schema design using Object Role Modeling
(ORM). The ORM web site has several interesting papers comparing UML and
ORM. Perhaps there will be one comparing ORM and UML for XML schema design:

FYI, Dave Carlson, Kevin Kelly and Peter Chen are scheduled to do conceptual
modeling sessions in April at XML DevCon 2001.

======== Ken North ======================
See you at XML DevCon 2001
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