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Semantic Web Agreement Group

It is our great pleasure to announce:-

    SWAG, the Semantic Web Agreement Group

We are creating a strong infrastructure for the Semantic Web, whilst working
with various members of the Web community to ensure that data remains
interoperable. We maintain projects to achieve our aims, i.e. the SWAG
Dictionary [1], a database of terms for the Semantic Web.

SWAG's current focus is the compilation of the SWAG Dictionary and the
creation of new vocabularies. We invite those who are interested in helping
catalog, define and connect the terms of the Semantic Web to join SWAG and
assist us in our work. We also encourage anyone who is building a public
Semantic Web system to work with us to insure that all systems remain

Anyone is welcome, and encouraged to join SWAG. Simply subscribe (to the
SWAG development list) by sending a blank email to
swag-dev-subscribe@egroups.com and send your messages to the list at:
swag-dev@egroups.com Please note that the list is fairly high volume.

[1] http://webns.net/

Sean B. Palmer, Seth Russell, Aaron Swartz, and William Loughborough
on behalf of SWAG