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ANN: Unicorn XML Toolkit

Dear colleagues

The new developer product - Unicorn XML Toolkit, Version 1.00.00 - is
released now. 

Unicorn XML Toolkit is a collection of libraries and utilities
implementing various XML-enabling technologies, which include:

  * Non-validating XML parser
  * XML writers supporting XML, HTML and text output
  * Document Object Model (DOM) Core Level 1
  * Support for the Simple API for XML Version 2.0 (SAX2)
  * XPath version 1.0 engine
  * XSLT version 1.0 engine
  * XSLT extensions, which implement:
      - Advanced grouping functionality
      - Import of plain data (separated and fixed-sized records)
      - Database connectivity
      - Interface with ECMAScript
      - Support for ActiveX automation
  * TeX-based implementation of XSL Formatting Objects
  * Interpreter for ECMAScript
  * XML-enabling ECMAScript extensions, which implement:
      - DOM support
      - XPath support
      - XSLT support
      - Support for ActiveX automation
      - I/O support for Unicode files
  * Support for regular expressions

The toolkit implements two sets of API: one for C++ and and one for

The API for C++ provides 269 public classes grouped in 34 namespaces.
The toolkit API documentation for C++ is available at


The API for ECMAScript can be used for the rapid development of
XML-based applications. It provides ECMAScript binding for the
functionality implemented by C++ interfaces of the toolkit. The
ECMAScript engine is included in the product distribution. The toolkit
API documentation for ECMAScript is available at


The toolkit distribution is accompanied by the complete (over 160'000
lines) C++ source code. The product is extensively documented and comes
with the substantial amount of the sample code.

The current release of the product is running on the Microsoft Windows

For more information see the product page at


Kind regards,

Alexey Gokhberg
Unicorn Enterprises SA