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Re: Are we losing out because of grammars?

> > If we know XML documents need to be graphs, why are we working as if they
> > are trees? Why do we have schema languages that enforce the treeness of the
> > syntax rather than provide the layer to free us from it?
> This is very interesting.  Most information models for XML texts
> are based on a tree or the hedge model.  The support for XML as
> a representation for general graphs just isn't "core".

I think this depends on what you mean by "core".

XSLT, RDF, XLink all introduce graphs to the XML model.  I would have
thought this is as core as you get.  This is not to mention all the
auxilliary specs that introduce graphs, including the recent darling RDDL.

> Certainly there are "layered" mechanisms for building graphs,
> SOAP uses one method, we have the HTML href mechanism, then
> we have xlink/xinclude/xpointer trio.  All of these are
> slightly different, no?  Is this what we want?

I don't follow the question.  Hopefully Rick does.

> By far the most interesting (and practical) thread in months,

Ha.  Rick must be dipping in Wulai again.

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