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ANNOUNCE - PerXML Released

PerCurrence proudly announces the release of the PerXML Smart
Transformation System Version 1.0.  As  a special introductory offer for
the month of February, all PerXML Server licenses are reduced 50%!

The PerXML Smart Transformation System is the premiere XML data
transformation and development  platform.  PerXML includes a runtime
engine that dramatically reduces the time and cost of building  and
maintaining XML applications.  PerXML greatly simplifies integrating
native XML and legacy data  into XML documents and XSLT transformations.
The PerXML Personal Edition supports major editing  environments such as
XML Spy and XMetal Pro.  The PerXML Server supports dynamic content
integration  and delivery in XML, HTML, WML and most other Web
environments.  More information and an online  demonstration of PerXML
are at:


PerXML provides greater flexibility and performance than products
costing 10 times as much.  It is  our goal to be both the price and
performance leader in bringing the power of XML data  transformation and
integration to your project.

Please use this URL to download the latest evaluation version of PerXML
(file size is about 4.6 MB):


Please note that as of today the PerXML Personal Edition is available
from our online store for only  $99.00 per user.  The PerXML Server
Edition is available for both commercial and non-profit /  educational
users.  PerXML Server licenses are reduced 50% for the month of
February!  Additional  discounts are available for site license
purchasers.  You can order PerXML here:


This email was sent using the PerXML remote object invoked via XML Spy.


The PerCurrence Team
PerXML Rocks!