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"Thomas B. Passin" wrote:

> It seems as if there should be an indication, similar to "standalone", that
> would indicate whether a particular document is incomplete because a DTD or
> schema is supplying needed values.

How do you maintain the currency of the declarations? What do you do if the schema
changes? Reprocess the instances either to include the modified attribute value or
by changing the declaration?

>  Maybe there should be another flag that
> says whether types matter in the document.  If they don't, you don't need to
> do schema processing to get a "PSVI".  You can create it forthwith and get on
> with your work.

I don't think it's appropriate to let the instance dictate terms to the system.
For one thing, it may mean that an instance could be required to be processed
against a schema, even though in the context of the current process, type did not
matter and no schema had been provided.


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