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Marcus Carr wrote -
> "Thomas B. Passin" wrote:
> > It seems as if there should be an indication, similar to "standalone",
> > would indicate whether a particular document is incomplete because a DTD
> > schema is supplying needed values.
> How do you maintain the currency of the declarations? What do you do if the
> changes? Reprocess the instances either to include the modified attribute
value or
> by changing the declaration?
 These are good questions but  they apply even if the schema is included and
processed.  If I change a schema so as to change a defaulted attribute value,
what should you do about those documents I've already processed?  The question
is no different.

>I don't think it's appropriate to let the instance dictate terms to the

What, you mean it's better to leave information out of a document and require
a processor to refer to another document to recover it?

>For one thing, it may mean that an instance could be required to be processed
>against a schema, even though in the context of the current process, type did
>matter and no schema had been provided.

I thought I was favoring exactly this possibility.  If you didn't think so,
then I wasn't clear.  Sorry.


Tom P