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re: PSVI

>[Dave Megginson]
>My preference is to include all defaulted information in production
>instances and not to include a DOCTYPE declaration or schema link at
>all -- that's the only way to ensure that all clients see the same
>document, and that no one does anything stupid.

I do SGML systems this way. Works a treat. To validate, I
provide the parser with the SysID of the prolog followed by
the SysID of the instance and off we go. It works with SGML
because you can feed the parser entities that are concatenated
to make document for parsing. Not true with XML.

We need clean layers darn it! The PSVI is a validation and
a transformation rolled into one. With SGML we have
a parse that was part validation, part transformation and
part transclusion. Lets not go there with XML.

Make non-validating XML 1.0 parsing the norm (It is anyhow, in my
experience). Deprecate the doctype,  Make transformation &
validation operations sit on top of the non-validating XML parse
infoset and get 'em to specify the machinery with which
to do it, *outside* the instance.

Tuppence spent.


>All the best,
>David Megginson                 david@megginson.com
>            http://www.megginson.com/
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