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Re: RSS 1.0 vs. RSS 0.9*

Dave Winer <dave@userland.com> wrote:

> Further, since it's not backward compatible with previous version, it would be
> better to make that clear up front so that people don't have to wade through
> all the docs and modules and other specs to find out that it actually isn't
> RSS at all, in any technical sense.

Let's clean this up right now, since I'm tired of people using different
wording to mean different things and confusing people.

All 0.91 files are valid 0.92 files.
Some 0.92 files are valid 0.91 files (plus elements).
All RSS 1.0 files are RSS 0.9 files (plus attributes and elements).
No RSS 0.9 and RSS 0.91 files are compatible
No RSS 0.91 and RSS 1.0 files are compatible.

or in a pretty chart:

       _0.9_   _0.91_  _0.92_ _1.0_
_0.9__  All     None    None   All
_0.91_  None    All     Some   None
_0.92_  None    All     All    None
_1.0__  None    None    None   All

I think that's it, now I have to stick this at:


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