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Re: more grist

"Simon St.Laurent" <simonstl@simonstl.com> writes:

> Then there's the matter of driving the deeply unpopular (in many quarters) 
> W3C XML Schema specification into every other W3C specification.  At a time 
> when XML Schema is facing (widely welcome) competition from other 
> specifications, integrating it with other W3C specifications feels like a 
> major risk, if not an outright political move to push XML Schema across the 
> board.

Two points, both factual:

1) Many of the people publically worried about W3C XML Schema size and
complexity on this list and elsewhere six months ago are now happily
(by their own accounts) writing schemas and using them.  Accordingly,
I contest the 'deeply unpopular (in many quarters)' assertion as not
only misleading but unfounded.  You need to get out more, Simon, and
notice just how much use XML Schema is getting -- you'd be impressed.

2) None of the competition, for all their many admirable quarters,
address the type assignment issue at all.  All the other W3C spec's at
issue _require_ type assignment.  There is no political plot, only
design necessity following from requirements.

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