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Re: A simple guy with a simple problem

> Relying upon preservation of the source input stream's peculiarities
> simply doesn't constitute a "robust" usage - or expectation of -
> XML. The XML you'd get out the other side of a SAX-level filter would
> still produce the same results if re-parsed¹, so why impose this
> syntactic preservation requirement?

Because the next processor will do a regular-expression-search for
<![CDATA[. Of course, this is not good style, and probably not XML
compliant, but it has worked all the time.

Bob, I think you should make sure that the processors where you'll
send the document work with arbitrary valid XML (*); then you can use
any of the techniques which you are familiar with (SAX, DOM, XSLT).


(*) You should find this by testing; I'm sure Sean can supply test
cases which nobody else would think of :-)