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Re: Newbie question - passing XML using POST

Robert C. Lyons wrote:

> Stephen writes:
>> I'm trying find a way to send and receive XML using HTTP POST.  You'd
>> I work in a Microsoft environment ...
> Take a look at the Microsoft.XMLHTTP component.
> An article at http://msdn.microsoft.com/xml/articles/xml071798.asp
> includes some sample JScript that uses the
> component to send XML via HTTP POST.
> The following page is a SOAP client for IE5:
>   http://www.skonnard.com/soap/
> The page includes JScript that uses the XMLHTTP component
> to exchange XML via HTTP POST.
Mozilla also supports the XMLHttpRequest object found in IE. It will be 
in Mozilla milestone 0.8.1 build (to be released any day now) and 
forward. There are also SOAP and XML-RPC implementations in Mozilla 
(SOAP is not built by default so one needs a custom build, and XML-RPC 
was last revisited so long time ago that it might not work right now - 
should be simple to fix if that is so). Some documentation is available at:


  Heikki Toivonen
  I speak for myself.