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Re: experts

Simon's argument, and mine, are consistent with your definition. We have
plenty of people with a high degree of knowledge of a certain subject. What
we need more of are people who actually do the work. You know, the people in
the trenches. Dave

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From: "Marcus Carr" <mrc@allette.com.au>
To: "Simon St.Laurent" <simonstl@simonstl.com>
Cc: <xml-dev@lists.xml.org>
Sent: Tuesday, March 27, 2001 7:07 PM
Subject: Re: experts

> "Simon St.Laurent" wrote:
> > I'm pondering the term 'invited expert' and what it really means.
> >
> > Do we really want a Web designed by experts?
> This is getting silly - if you check dictionary.com it defines an expert
as "a
> person with a high degree of skill in or knowledge of a certain subject".
> at a loss as to who could possibly be more appropriate. You don't want
> self-interested parties and now you don't want people with actual topic
> understanding either - who do you want to do the work? Experts are
> experts because they work in the field.
> I swore I wouldn't get sucked into this thread, but now that I am, I might
> point out that if an employee does qualify as an invited expert, many
> will support them in standards work, both financially and by donating
time. An
> invited expert need not necessarily jump trains or stow away on ships,
> that happens to be their preferred mode of transport.
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> Regards,
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> "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler."
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