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Uncomplicating IT: Simpler Said Than Done

This article caught my eye:
It doesn't mention XML or even the internet, but might be food for thought
for those who have debated "simplicity" here.
"Many say vendors don't do as much as they could to make IT products easier
to use--and purposefully so, as at least one observer sees it. "They're
designed by engineers conscious of every element of the whole system, and
they try to show the complexity of the system in the interface they design,"
says Larry Hawes, a senior analyst at the Delphi Group. "

"Getting something simple or elegant is very, very hard work." Vendors must
labor hard by working with customers to make their products easier to use,
and IT managers must work hard to design systems that are elegant and can be
easily adapted to changing needs, says Jensen. "

"The basics are these: Complexity is wasteful, stressful, and expensive;
simplicity is efficient, cost-effective, and productive. That should be a
compelling enough business case for anyone using or selling computer
technology. Just ask David Gelernter--if he ever gets his PC to work right."