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Re: Blueberry is not "closed" (was: Closing Blueberry)

At 4:17 PM +0800 7/23/01, Rick Jelliffe wrote:

>That would be cumbersome in the case of streaming processes,
>and would require an extended DOM for in-memory.  For
>example, the DOM would require two-passes to serialize
>(one to see if Bluberry is used, to set the header, and
>one to do the output) for some implementations.

That would be a naive approach. DOM could easily be implemented so this was not an issue. For example, give every element, attribute, and processing instruction a boolean usesBlueberry flag. Then have the document keep a reference count of the number of Blueberry items in the document that could be incremented and decremented as nodes were added to the document. 

>Do Blueberry documents require a Blueberry DOM and
>Blueberry SAX handler?  (I.e., ones which ascertain what
>features are used.

Even without this, I think Blueberry documents require a Blueberry DOM. They'll need to use a different group of legal character tables for Blueberry and non-Blueberry documents. (though I admit one thing that really hasn't been addressed at all yet is the changes Blueberry will require in other specs like XPath, DOM, Schemas, etc.) 

Furthermore, I certainly want to avoid a pure Blueberry DOM that would assume all documents are Blueberry unless told otherwise. This would almost immediately lead to the proliferation of unnecessary Blueberry declarations in the wild that I'm trying so hard to avoid. 

I don't think the SAX API needs to change at all. However, the parsers do, but they already need to. XML 1.0 parsers cannot handle Blueberry. All my proposal does is add one more well-formedness constraint for Blueberry documents that a parser must check and report through the normal SAX mechanisms. 


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