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[xml-dev] Re: Latest version of MSV

> Kawaguchi-san,
> I wonder if you would send a little description to the XML-DEV
> mailing list about what has changed in the new beta of MSV?
> There were no release notes with the beta (you must be over-worked
> already!) and I think it would be interesting and useful.  (Please feel
> free to quote my request on any response to XML-DEV, so it does
> not seem that you are being self-promoting.)
> Cheers, and congratulations on the new beta
> Rick

Thank you very much for the interest, and I'm sorry for not including
the release note in the distribution package.

Here are the important changes:

* enhanced the support for RELAX NG
  - removed support for key/keyref.
  - implemented <except> clause

* enhanced the support for DTD
  - fixed some critical bugs

* enhanced the support for XML Schema.
  - forward reference of simple types are supported
  - @block is properly implemented
  - internal grammar representation now exposes many schema component
  - identity constraints are implemented properly
  - this includes a significant change in the way MSV keeps XML Schema
    grammar internally.

* added support for Sun Entity and URI Resolver to the command-line tool
  This makes it possible to provide a catalog via a command line option
  to resolve external entities.

* added com.sun.msv.verifier.psvi package to report the type-information
  to application. Supported for all schema languages.

* datatype implementation now supports the conversion between strings and
  Java-friendly objects.

* changed the packaging. Now MSV consists of many small jars.

* Support for JARV (the org.iso_relax.verifier package,
  http://iso-relax.sourceforge.net/apiDoc) is extended. JARV is now the
  primary interface to use MSV.

* Modified com.sun.msv.verifier.Acceptor to better serve special
  applications (like XML editors that needs error highlighting.)

* added some examples

* added the source code, although it's not the open source.

* Other miscellaneous bug fixes, usability enhancements.

Kohsuke KAWAGUCHI                          +1 650 786 0721
Sun Microsystems                   kohsuke.kawaguchi@sun.com