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Re: [xml-dev] PSVI using existing infoset items

Simon St.Laurent wrote:

> I almost wonder if there'd be some good way to define the psvi: namepace
> as a 'shadow' namespace, ignored by XPath and XSLT unless a switch was
> flipped.  That might be too much, but I'd rather not be forced into
> using attributes only to cover PSVI information.  There's a lot of it.

If you mean a switch that can be switched on/off during a 
transformation, this seems difficult without modifying the XSLT 
processors which is what the proposal would like to avoid.

Otherwise, you could write a SAX filter to filter out the PSVI 
namespace, it's probably not worth the pain, though since you don't have 
to use a PSVI unless you need it...

As a last alternative, it would also be possible (and quite simple) to 
pass the 2 infosets (source document and PSVI) to a transformation (one 
as source, the second as a parameter). The way to link a node between 
the source and the matching information of the PSVI doesn't seem 
obvious, though, and I don't think it could easily do the trick.

>>I also don't think you need anything more than the qualified name for the type of each element. If an application wants details about the type, then it should look at the schema. 
> I don't ever want to have to look at the schema.  In fact, needing to
> have to look back into the schema in order to interpret the PSVI seems
> to negate nearly the entire benefit of this proposal.
Yes. And I would add that one of the difficulty (but also one of the beauty) of the job would be to define a vocabulary generic enough to be used with the outcome of different schema languages.

Also, to come back to my example, the primitive datatypes may be more 
important to some applications than the actual one.

There would, of course, be a balance to search between verbosity and completeness...


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